Insights of The Future | Big Data & AI Advanced Course

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Insights of The Future | Big Data & AI Advanced Course

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Insights of The Future returns with a full day hands-on deeper exploration, mapping, and action session on Big Data and AI. Level 2 will kick off with a comprehensive lesson in both big data analytics and artificial intelligence. This will include insights gained from the Level 1 expert interviews as well as technical case studies from the public and private sector and guides on how to create a data-driven culture, how to launch a pilot AI project, and more.

Attendees will peer through the lens of the future using strategic foresight to understand the broader impacts and the challenges big data analytics and artificial intelligence may solve over a 1-5-10 year horizon. From there, the opportunities explored in the Level 1 sessions will be revisited, evaluated, and selected as the basis of building solutions mapping to the trends and problems.

Mapping the organizational problem to a compelling solution, attendees end Day 2 with a roadmap of tangible, actionable solutions and an insights framework they can begin to apply within their organizations.

Saturday, April 20, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

معلومات مهمة

  • المدة 7 hours
  • سنوات الخبرة All level
  • اللغة English
  • عدد المشاركين 0
  • Section Details

    • Methods, Tools, and Implication of Data Collection and Analytics
    • Deep Learning Algorithms and How They Work
    • Use Cases Across Government and Private Sector
    • Big Data and AI in 1-5-10 Years (Strategic Foresight)
    • Rapid Exploration and Reimagining of Challenges
    • How To Create Pilot Projects in Big Data and AI
    • Build Tangible Prototypes and Action Plans
    • Present Results of The Day

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