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Dubai Museum of Future Foundation Joins with GEMS Education to Launch ‘School of the Future’ Report

DUBAI 13th March 2016 (WAM) — Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi Minister of Education and Jameela bint Salem Al Muhairi Minister of State for Public Education have attended the launch of the ‘School of the Future’ report by the Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation in cooperation with GEMS Education during the Global Education and Skills Forum which began yesterday in Dubai.

The comprehensive report showcases the broad trends and features of schooling for the 21st century and stresses the need to achieve a major shift in the purpose and nature of education in view of the complex realities of the modern world.

The report states that the current schools and curriculum are based on the frameworks of the 20th century requirements to prepare an industrial workforce. It points out that the 21st century with its technological and communication innovations is transforming the ‘factory style’ work requirements and repetitive manual jobs are being rapidly replaced with automation. The report also highlights the need to sustain improve and utilise the growth opportunities provided by the knowledge economy.

The report was launched in the presence of Saif Al Aleeli CEO of Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation as well as Sunny Varkey Founder and Chairman of GEMS Education Arne Duncan Former US Secretary of Education Andreas Schleicher Director for Education and Skills and Special Advisor on Education Policy at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Justine Cassell Associate Dean Technology Strategy and Impact School of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University and Geoffrey Canada founder of Harlem Children’s Zone and Chair of The Education Partners Global Advisory Council.

Commenting on the report Mohammed Abdullah Al Gergawi Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Managing Director of Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation said “The world is witnessing rapid changes driven by fast-paced developments in technology and innovation. Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation is happy to join hands with GEMS Education to launch the ‘School of the Future’ report that will contribute to the strategic development of the education sector in line with the UAE’s position as a global centre of innovation and excellence. The report offers an elaborate framework for the education system of the future and will act as a catalyst to prepare the right expertise and capabilities for the knowledge economy of the 21st century.”

He added “The launch of the report comes as part of the Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation’s efforts to create value added knowledge content for the future. The report aims to offer a future perspective of the education sector in the short and long term to contribute to the development of strategies that support the sector.”

Sunny Varkey Founder and Chairman of GEMS Education said “We are proud to be launching the report for the ‘School of the Future’ in partnership with the Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation at Global Education & Skills Forum. However this report must be seen as more than just a research paper. The elements of change identified in the report are important and necessary if we are to improve the state of our world through education.”

The ‘School of the Future’ report is based on three main pillarsPractice Partnership and Environment which are integral to functioning of each school. The Practice Pillar outlines the curriculum of the future providing a framework for the skills and tools required by students and teachers of the 21st century. The Partnership Pillar describes the relationships between schools and their stakeholders. Meanwhile the Environment Pillar deals with the physical infrastructure and social systems designed to support future learners.

The report envisions that the School of the Future will meet national requirements such as creating and sustaining a cohesive society as well as sustaining a competitive knowledge economy. It also contains insights by leading thought leaders on the role and types of learning technologies in the future and discusses the role of design and its implications in the School of the Future. The report aims to inspire discussions and drive policy decisions on framing the educational systems of the future to serve the citizens of the 21st century.