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Connecting to the Future
How to create the mindset that enables future orientated decision-making and action


The challenge we tackle on this course is that we are not really trained for futures thinking. This 4 days course will provide a clear understanding why training futures thinking is important and what are those particular skills in order to do that properly. Skills we shall be training are specific observation, processing, communication and implementation skills. The course will guide you through these skills by providing intellectual framework and practical exercises.

In the course of our training you will  learn how information about future is fundamentally different to other sources of information. You will practice how to become more aware of your own anticipatory assumptions. We are also exploring the benefits of systems thinking, as it broadens our scope of understanding change processes.  Through case studies and exercises you will understand in a much better way what type of role future plays in everything what we see or do.

Learning outcomes:

  • We learn to observe our environment in a more productive way
  • We acquire a more precise understanding how to work more efficiently with any future issue
  • We learn how to act upon our knowledge about the future
  • We learn how to deal with obstacles the are preventing the future we want

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