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The Future Value of Data

Course fee excluding VAT: AED 2,400


A one-day workshop designed to enhance the capacity to anticipate change in complex area of data. It provides the opportunity to immerse in an expert informed view of what data is, and what its role in society. The workshop will involve exploring the views of more than 800 data experts across the world to understand how data and its value is viewed differently and what this might mean for us today and in the future.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how data and its value is viewed differently in different parts of the world
  • Understand the likely impact of the value of data on your daily life, your business and your sector
  • Develop action plans to take advantages of the emerging challenges and opportunities in the areas of data

Suitable for: people who are involved in strategy, data analysis, foresight and innovation.


It has never been easier to gather and store information. Data is now a key raw material of business, government, and society. For governments, business, and even private citizens, data is cheap, widely available, and relatively easy to access, and its use influences almost all aspects of how our society works. Organisations and governments use it to conduct their operations – whether that is the delivery of services such as financial advice or healthcare, and the sharing of information in the media, or to make decisions such as what products should be made available to who and so on. People use data across the board: to access and use services, stay in touch with friends or family, administer things, make decisions, and to undertake multiple tasks such as take exercise or even (increasingly) to find romance.

Beyond this, data is opening up new frontiers in science and the humanities, from extending our knowledge of how the universe is built, to creating new understanding around climate change, to discovering the impact of a specific teacher on a specific pupil’s performance. All this suggests that data has potentially enormous value.


Dr. Tim Jones

Tim is a recognized expert in innovation, growth and foresight. For over twenty-five years he has worked with many leading multinationals, governments and universities identifying emerging opportunities: A leader in collaborative programs, Tim has made his name in creating new foresight and innovation platforms, helping organisations to see the world through a different lens, understand innovation performance and so reveal new areas for research and potential growth. He is the author / editor of twelve books and a regular speaker on innovation leadership, growth platforms and future trends.

Tim is co-founder and Program Director of the Future Agenda – the world’s largest open foresight platform and also leads the annual Innovation Leaders analysis that profiles the companies making the most of their innovation investments. He holds several academic positions with leading institutions including the Royal College of Art and works foresight learning projects with Duke CE globally; SMU, HCLI and NUS in Singapore; DTU in Copenhagen and several leading UK business schools. Tim has a PhD in Innovation Management and three Masters degrees from Cambridge, Imperial College and the Royal College of Art.

Alexandra Draycott

Alexandra is the Director for Future Agenda MENA. She has over 10 years in-depth experience of foresight development, having been involved in the development of two major global open foresight programmers, the World in 2020 and the World in 2025.

Alexandra specializes in using foresight, industry research and bespoke research to help organizations and governments design better solutions for the future. Having developed a vision of the future, Alexandra specializes in using innovation techniques and design thinking to help organizations turn insight into impact through the development of new products, services or strategies. Throughout her career Alexandra has focused on the role that strategy and innovation can play in company, city and country development. In any spare time, she has, Ali is Chair of the Oxford and Cambridge Society in the UAE and has grown the network to be over 1000 people joined since 2011. Her focus is to inspire UAE youth to apply and connect graduates with each other and the Universities.

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Sep 23 2020


Course fee excluding VAT: AED 2,400