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Bespoke Courses

Strategic Foresight


A 3 day workshop designed to build the skills used in applied foresight. The workshop involves bringing tools and approaches in an accessible way. It teaches how to build concrete, usable knowledge and insight about exploring and building possible futures in a wide range of contexts and environments.

The participants will have the opportunity to explore the tools and methods used for detecting and collecting trends and organize them to be supportive to explore new stories about the future. This will be done through time-tested exercises and activities.

Participants will gain an awareness of, and the ability to employ tacit knowledge as a basis for trends research, how to scan the horizon, find emergent patterns, and build a narrative canvas which provides a platform for exploration of scenarios and prototypes.

Learning outcomes:

  • Define the tools and methods to harmonise future conversations across organisations
  • Learn a set of flexible, modifiable tools and practices designed for agile future foresight
  • Explore approaches which help bridge provocative explorations and build touchpoints for productive discussions about the future

Suitable for: people who are involved in innovation, strategy, design, future foresight and strategic marketing.

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AI Literacy


A one day workshop designed to introduce AI technologies and applications in various of sectors in the Government.  Participants will learn how to unlock their potential to use AI to inspire, fulfill experiences and maximize results within their entities.

The workshop will be delivered using an innovative format where the participants will play the role of Hollywood movie producers using a world-class methodology from Pixar for storytelling. Participants will not only learn the capabilities of AI, but also have an opportunity to apply it.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn AI foundations and applications
  • Explore use-cases of AI to improve experiences of employees, customers and citizens across different sectors
  • Deep dive on how to combine Experience Data (X-data) and Operational Data (O-data) for superior business outcomes
  • Participate in an interactive storytelling session that uses Pixar’s Story Spine methodology to apply concepts of experience management in front-office and back-office scenarios

Suitable for: government employees

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